#ToyLikeMe® is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company celebrating diff:ability in toys and calling on the global toy industry to positively represent 150 million kids with disability and difference worldwide.


Consultation for Industry

Toy Box Tales - an online exhibition to dazzle and enchant!...


Gaming First as Lego Include Wheelchair Character in New Fantastic Beasts Game...

#ToyLikeMe makeover image of Playmobil pirage figure using a black and red wheelchair made of modelling clay.

Role-play with ethnically diverse & wheelchair-user Playmobil could encourage friendships...

Image shows a #ToyLikeMe makeover of a Playmobil fairy figure. The fairy is sitting in a wheelchair made of modelling clay with a flower on the wheel and wings on the back. The fairy is holding a placard which reads 'come out and play'.

Playmobil Backs #ToyLikeMe Campaign With Upcoming Line of Characters...

Up, up and away! View the Toy Box Tales Exhibition Today!

Image shows girl with cochlear implant blowing a kiss. There are hearts around her hand.


With special thanks to Arts Council England, Ol Rappaport in memory of Lesley Rappaport, well-founded.org.uk and the hundreds of other supporters who have made all this possible.

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