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Just Too Marvelous for the Mainstream

Weesie Pals

Super-cute plush toys with diverse features available including mircrotia, hearing aids, cochlear implants, BAHA, stoma and ostomy, foot orthotics and tract tubes.

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Little Moo

Specialist doll face-up artist Sioux Breen can create bespoke birthmarks and scars for dolls.

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A Doll Like Me

Creators of unique dolls made to order, specialising in limb difference, that’s lucky fins to you and me!

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Ben's Medi Bears

Cuddlicious bears which can be adapted with everything from midline cardiac scars to tracheostomies, button PEG tubes to AFOS or cochlear impants and almost everything in between.

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A Step Ahead Prosthetics

This company make leg and arm prosthetitcs for real people and now they will fit American Girl dolls with their very own prothetics too!

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Hope Toys

Makers of bespoke toys featuring just about every form of human variation going! Hurrah for doll diversity!

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Shishka Bob Design

This Etsy store specialises in making bespoke leg braces in a range of colourful patterns to fit American Girl dolls or similar.

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Buttony Bear

Buttony Bear create bespoke bears and animals rocking stomas and ostomy pouches.

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American Girl White Cane

This Etsy maker creates white canes to fit American Girl, or similar, dolls.

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Little Ted

Little Ted by Teddington Trust has Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) and comes fully dressed in UV protective clothing complete with his own protective visor, all fully removable and hand washable. He’s available for sale and FREE for children with XP.

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Tubie Friends

Cuddly critters with feeding tubes for practicing dinner time the different way.

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Microtia Elephant

Elephant friends with left or right side microtia (that’s one small ear).

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Just 4 You Dolls

Handmade bespoke to order boy and girl dolls with cochlear implants or hearing aids.

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Glucomart Toy Store

The Glucomart Toy Store offers lots of diabetes care toys including insulin pumps, monitors and pens for Barbie and action figures.

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Buy The Best

Plush Disney Tinkerbell doll with hot pink 3D printed cochlear implant.

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