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Are You Listening at the Back?

D/deaf Toys - A Journey Through Time

This is a FREE classroom resource for KS1 and 2, covering the history of D/deaf toys.


At ToyLikeMe we know that representation matters and a child seeing themselves reflected in toys can boost self-esteem.


Discover how D/deaf toys have changed over the years! Download now>

Exploring Disability - The Big Chatty Pack

In this pack you will find the seeds to get you started (lots of images and ideas), all you need to do is water them by creating conversations, activities, and fun to get your class talking and thinking about disability.


Using the Toy Box Tales images (12 stunning photographs of toys with disabilities) as a springboard, you can print and build playful lessons to explore human diversity in an engaging fun way.


Only £4.  Download now>

My Little Lockdown Life in a Box

The creative team at ToyLikeMe have specially created the ‘My Little Lockdown Life in a Box’ project to enable children to play and create stories around life in the Covid19 crisis to help children process and understand why life has gone a bit… topsy turvy!


Contains 50 pages of colour and cut resoruces to start conversations.


Only £4. Download now>

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